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MessageSujet: [Interview] Samishii Magnet - Daily Yomiuri Online   [Interview] Samishii Magnet - Daily Yomiuri Online EmptyMar 5 Juin - 22:31

Le "Daily Yomiuri Online" est l'édition en ligne du journal japonais "Daily Yomiuri" qui est la version anglaise du "Yomiuri Shimbun", un des plus importants journaux du pays. Les acteurs de "Samishii Magnet" ont été bien évidement interviewés en japonais, mais la version anglaise du journal nous en fait profiter dans la langue de Shakespeare.
J'en ferai peut être une traduction en français. Peut être..... un jour....

Source : http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/dy/features/arts/T120327005173.htm

Heart & Soul ON THE STAGE / Actors' group D-BOYS give their all for an upcoming performance
Tatsuhiro Morishige / Yomiuri Shimbun Staff Writer

D-BOYS is currently a 17-member group comprising young Japanese actors who have recently made remarkable strides in the entertainment industry. From the stage and film, to TV dramas and music, D-BOYS have done it all.
Eight pickup members--six from D-BOYS and two from currently 16-member D2 (the junior group of D-BOYS)--are in the final stage of rehearsals for their upcoming stage performance Samishii Magunetto (Our Bad Magnet), which starts Sunday in Tokyo.
(Samishii Magunetto, is a play written by Scottish playwright Douglas Maxwell about four boys who grew up in a small Scottish town over a 20-year period. This will be the first play in Japan. As the eight members are double-cast for the four roles, there will be four teams--"Red," "Blue," "White" and "Purple"--for each performance.)
D-BOYS, managed by entertainment agency, Watanabe Entertainment Co., was formed in 2004 by agency President Miki Watanabe. The "D" stands for five words--drama, dream, debut, discovery and development.

[Interview] Samishii Magnet - Daily Yomiuri Online DY20120406140614543L0
Eight pickup members from D-BOYS and D2 for the upcoming stage performance "Our Bad Magnet."
Clockwise from top left: Koji Seto; Hirofumi Araki; Taito Hashimoto; Shintaro Akutsu (D2); Masahiro Usui; Sho Jinnai (D2); Tomo Yanagishita; Yuya Endo


Joining the group

Yuya Endo: I'm an original D-BOYS member and leader of the group. I joined [Watanabe Entertainment] from a theater company for kid actors. D-BOYS were formed with three members, including me, when I was 18 years old. Several auditions later, we've increased to 17 members.

(So far, more than 50,000 young men have tried out for D-BOYS over seven auditions. Those who win the grand prix and other prizes might be invited to join the group.)

Masahiro Usui: I auditioned and managed to join the group. Until then, I had no interest in the entertainment industry, but my mother sent in an application without telling me. However, at the audition, I got to experience what stage rehearsals were like. After that, I thought, "I want to join D-BOYS."

Sho Jinnai: Many D-BOYS and D2 members joined the groups through the audition process. But I came from Watanabe Entertainment College [the agency's acting institute]. Of the eight of us [performing in Samishii Magunetto], [Shintaro] Akutsu-kun and I are the only D2 members.

(D2, formed in 2010, has currently16 members, each of whom has his own acting career like those in D-BOYS.)

Shintaro Akutsu: Yes. D2 is D-BOYS' junior group, or a group whose members want to someday join D-BOYS. It's similar to the relationship between Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Compared to D-BOYS, D2 members are a bit younger. I'm 16.

Jinnai: But I'm 24... Hey, our group was named D2 after D-BOYS. Weren't there any other better names? (laughter)


Seniors and juniors

Hirofumi Araki: Concerning the senior-junior relationship between us, there's no hierarchy--unlike what you might see in the domestic entertainment industry. Whether we speak using honorifics or use more familiar speech is determined by the age of whoever is speaking, rather than career.

Taito Hashimoto: Basically, I use "kun" to address all the D-BOYS members. Tomo-kun, Jin-chan, Usui-kun, Endo-kun, Araki-kun, Seto-kun, Akutsu-kun...

Jinnai: Why am I the only "chan"? (laughter)

Tomo Yanagishita: I call them Jinnai, Usui, Endo-san...Whoops! I said "Endo-san"! For everyone else, Ara-yan [Araki], Taito, Seto, Akutsu... It depends on the individual member.

(In Japanese, "san" is a title of respect added to a name for both men and women. "Kun," more informal than "san," is used to address mainly men who are younger or the same age as the speaker. "Chan," very casual, is often attached to children's names. "Yan," which is believed to be a corrupted version of "san," is used among friendly persons.)



Koji Seto: Of the eight members, Araki and I are members of D DATE [A music subgroup of D-BOYS formed in 2010]. We're actors, but at the same time, we're also singers.

Araki: I used to say, "I can't believe an actor sings songs!" I miss those days when I said so. (laughter) The current D DATE members are Seto, [Shunji] Igarashi, [Arata] Horii and I.

Seto: As we're also actors, I think we have an advantage compared to ordinary musicians as we have a greater breadth of experience to express ourselves.


Drama heroes

Hashimoto: Members also often appear in special effects TV hero dramas. I appeared in Kamen Rider OOO.

Araki: Five years ago, I played the role of the main villain Rio in Juken Sentai Gekiranger. I think I played an enemy who made an impression on viewers, which hadn't been seen before in past special effects TV hero dramas.

Akutsu: I liked the Gekiranger drama and watched it a lot when I was a primary school student. I was deeply moved and said, "Oh! You're Rio from that drama!" when I met Araki-san for the first time.


Latest information

Yanagishita: The eight of us are double-cast for four roles in the stage performance Samishii Magunetto. At first, I thought one of my roles, Shion, was a cheerful and innocent person. But as I read the script repeatedly, I found he had various aspects to his character. So, I'm still wondering why he says what he does in certain scenes. I'll talk it over with the director during rehearsals until I can fully understand his reasoning. I'll put everything I have into the role.

Araki: I will play one of the four boys [Toru] when he's 9, 19 and 29 years old. Given our current physiques, it's not realistic to play a 9-year-old boy. But I want to learn about the character and prepare for the role so that his character comes off as a real person.

Hashimoto: I will also play the same role as Araki-kun. I'll model my performance after Araki-kun and steal his good points. Then I'll try to portray the bonds of solidarity when Team Blue, which mainly comprises younger members, performs the play.

Endo: I won't let down the audience, who may have high expectations for the play. However, we might betray expectations in good way. As each performance will be different because of the four teams, I'll be happy if our fans come to see the play four times, if possible.

"Samishii Magunetto" (Our Bad Magnet) will be performed from April 8-28 at Theater Cocoon in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo; and from May 3-6 at Theater BRAVA! in Osaka. For more information and tickets, call Sunrise Promotion Tokyo at (0570) 00-3337.


Q&A with D-BOYS

We asked some of the D-BOYS members, who will put on a performance of "Samishii Magunetto," to answer several questions about themselves. Below are their responses to the following:

(1) date of birth; (2) blood type; (3) favorite food; (4) actor/actress you respect; (5) a little bit about themselves.

Yuya Endo
(1) March 20, 1987; (2) B; (3) white rice; (4) every actor and actress; (5) I hope as many people as possible will remember my face and name.

Hirofumi Araki
(1) June 14, 1983; (2) O; (3) vegetables; (4) Yosuke Kubozuka; (5) I'm a member of D DATE and tackle music activities, while acting individually. I want to be an artist in various fields.

Koji Seto
(1) May 18, 1988; (2) A; (3) sweet potatoes; (4) Satoshi Tsumabuki; (5) In doing everything, I try to make good on my promise. I want to be an honest artist of great breadth.

Tomo Yanagishita
(1) June 3, 1988; (2) O; (3) sushi, Iekei-brand ramen; (4) Koichi Sato, Takayuki Yamada; (5) I'Il be an actor all my life. I'll aim high in order to stand out in all fields.

Masahiro Usui
(1) Dec. 3, 1991; (2) O; (3) My mother's oyakodon--boiled chicken and eggs on rice; (4) Shinobu Otake; (5) I'm a passionate person inside. I like movies and stage performance very much. I live every day in the hope of appearing in a film.

Taito Hashimoto
(1) Nov.1, 1991; (2) O; (3) Tenkaippin-brand ramen; (4) Yoshihisa Higashiyama; (5) As I like singing and dancing very much, I dream of someday making my debut as a singer.

(Apr. 6, 2012)
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[Interview] Samishii Magnet - Daily Yomiuri Online
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